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History Of The Company
After a long and distinguished career in the electronics service industry, I launched CartDesigns in 1999. During the 1990's, I would take my two-week vacations and travel to Florida, and under father's tutelage, I would use the two weeks to learn a different computer programming language. My father, William Wilson, had been an original member of the famous Dearborn Computer Club during the 1970's, and had established KickAsp Software in the mid 90's. KickAsp Software's Internet Shopping Carts were some of the very first Shopping Carts available on the market, and may have been the very first Carts ever offered. By the late 1990's, after recognizing that falling retail prices was eliminating the need for electronic servicing, I retired from the electronic servicing industry, and launched CartDesigns. Recently, due to health reasons, my father has decided to retire, and close KickAsp Software. With his authorization and blessing, we are proud to carry on his tradition and product line. - William Wilson Jr.

KickAsp Customers: Need Technical Support?
Are you a customer of KickAsp Software, CoCart International, or Miami Cart and in need of technical support or renewal? Click on the Add Support link. Follow the instructions given on that page.

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