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Thinking of designing a website?
I recently discovered a pretty interesting publication. It's called:

Practical Web Design

Shopping Cart and E-Commerce Services
Are You looking to go into business on the Internet, or looking to add a Shopping Cart and E-Commerce tools to an existing website? We can help! We offer a variety of services designed to meet the E-Commerce needs of businesses of all sizes. To learn more about these services, as well as finding the right package to meet your needs, click on the Services link above. Want a demonstration? Click on the See It Work link above. Information on our company is available by clicking on the About Us link, and contact information is available by clicking on the Contact Us link also found above.
Thank you for your interest!

KickAsp Customers: Need Technical Support?
Are you a customer of KickAsp Software, CoCart International, or Miami Cart and in need of technical support or renewal? Click on the Add Support link. Follow the instructions given on that page.

Custom Software and Web Design
Are you looking for someone to write a custom application for your website, or to design that special website that will attract attention and get you started? We can help! To learn more about these services, as well as getting a quote on a package that will meet your needs. Click here: View A Custom Application

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